Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas in Africa

The children received gifts like blocks, barbie dolls, cars, radios for the older kids, helicopters for the boys, and dolls for the younger girls. They all got a new pair of pajamas from teacher Maureen that look so adorable on them. On Christmas day, James, Maddy and I spent from 8:30 in the morning until 10:00 at night in the kitchen, with little break. We made homemade dinner rolls, apple pie, apple crisp, carmel apples for the kids (they have never had these!), potatoes and gravy, corn, Special K loaf (sort of) for us and we roasted 8 chickens for them. They are not vegetarians as we are, but we don't buy any meat for them. Since this was a special occasion we decided to buy chicken for them. It was lip smacking good I was told. And the carmel apples were a big hit.

Christmas Comes Early

Christmas came early to Havilah. Ned Greene, the first director, came for a visit on December 17 - 20. The children were so excited to see him. Our older children remember him very well. The little ones somewhat and we have some that have never met him. But it was so funny. They ALL ran out to meet him, whether they knew him or not. He just enjoyed being around the children for 3 days. He took them for walks and hung out with them. He went to church with us as well. On Saturday evening Ned gave gifts to the kids. He brought each of them a homemade coloring book, with a special nickname on the front. He also brought some DVDs of cartoons, and some CDs with children's music. He bought them 3 new scooters, balls, and jumpropes. They are so much enjoying his gifts. James, Maddy and I enjoyed meeting Ned as well and hearing his stories and asking him questions about things they did when he was here.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Break

The children are on a break from school (the ones who attend the primary school). Actually, their break began on November 22. So we decided to take them to town for pizza. We are trying to work on their manners around other people. They did very well and we were pleased with their behavior.

Yesterday we decorated Christmas cookies and Christmas trees. We also made some homemade decorations for the tree. I am not sure if they have decorated cookies before, but they really seemed to enjoy it, especially the little ones. We had frosting on the table, on the chairs, on them and even a little on the cookies! They are so excited and counting the days until Christmas. These are pictures of their trees. The first is House 2 and the third is House 1.