Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Directors, first Blog

Hello here are the new Directors, Thomas and Evelyn from Austria and Germany. We are very happy that we are here with the kids. It’s really a wonderfull, nice and blessed place.

but we are realy sad about, that Ned and Emilys left us.. this is the last picture of them
“Don`t play with the water”….. a sentence which we often say to the kids!!..they love to play with water!

…So we had a small “water-battle”! It was so funny and all kids were very happy! Thomas, Evelyn, Ariel and Mariala were the chiefs!

Laughing children is a blessing!






Playing together with Ariel…

“Fun time”….. a wheelbarrow full of kids

Some impressions to be together with the kids…
Evelyn with kids in haus 2

Thomas and Vivi

Evelyn and Viki

Two little monkeys from havilah!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

New Directors Arrive!

The new Havilah Village Directors have arrived safely and are finding their bearings here in Tanzania. Please meet Thomas and Evelyn Simader! Here are Thomas and Evelyn visiting the village home that two of our new children came from.
Here are Frazier and Lawrence at the same home (note the makeshift restroom facility in the background).

The following are just a sample of photos taken during the last few weeks.

Emily with the 'new girls,' Jessica, Diana, Lait, & Sereti
Dorcas, Vivi, and Jackie dressed up in traditional garb.

Meriella & Ariel with children all dressed up for church.
All kids enjoying the new picnic tables in the new picnic shelter!

Karen at the market with Ned.
Close up of Cory- he got to go to the market too that day!
This is Julius, the day watchman, and his family in front of his house. His mother (far right) has came to the house a few times to help out with the children when we did not have a house mother.
Ned and Emily will be leaving Tanzania in just 6 days. We are very excited to see friends and family but will dearly miss Havilah Village. We want to thank Frazier & Virginia and Global Vessels for the amazing opportunity they have allowed us here. We love these children as our own and are excited to watch them grow up in a home that is as blessed as Havilah Village. Good Bye for now!