Saturday, March 21, 2009

What Has Been Done At Havilah

On the road with our new van. We already found three new drivers.

30min from Havilah is a small stream.
What can I say, the kids love to play with water.

Here we share food with our friends from “Peace Matunda” Orphanage in Tengeru.

We had a special evening. All kids slept in the activity room.

We visited the family of Erik. They wanted to give us a present, but they had nothing. So they gave us the only thing that they had, a chicken. I didn't want to take it but felt obliged. Now we have a new pet in Havilah. I am always impressed because of the hospitality from the people here in Tanzania.

We had a nice evening in the gazebo with a big campfire. We all love the fire :-)
We had some swimming activities. It was really fun for all the kids.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


We have now our own van!!!! The kids and also the adults are very happy about it. It is very important for us, because now it is much easier to have outings with the kids and to go shopping.

It is a Toyota Hiace 4WD. We all love this car :-) thank you to all sponsors in Germany, Austria and USA.

Construction is going on

Firs we have to by the material, this takes in Tanzania a long time..

Frazier and the Timberwomen, she was happy to sell us timber…

Materu, Frazier and Thomas waiting for the chipboard..

Here comes the sand..

Kitchen house 3 under construction..

TNG comes on the ceiling


Mamas also help to finish the buildings..

The entry from house 4

This is the digging for house 5