Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pouring Cement

Our days are busy now. The second floor of the administration building is being poured. What a process here to pour cement. First, we had to borrow a mixer from our neighbor, Peter O'Neal. He was gracious enough to lend us his. But then we needed to move it to Havilah. We had to round up a truck big enough to carry it, and enough men to load and unload it on and off the truck. Then we had to rent a motor to turn it. Next we hired 45 people to pour the floor. You might be wondering why in the world do we need 45 people? Well, it takes about 5 people to run the mixer, one puts in a bucket of sand, another water, another cement, another gravel. When the cement is ready, they unload it into buckets and pass it up an assembly line of people to the top floor. They empty their buckets and pass them back down. Then there are people on the roof that are smoothng the cement and putting it in place. Such a long process. It will take about 5 days of this before the top floor is poured.