Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cold days

When you think of Africa you think of hot weather. Well, sadly that is just not the case all of the time. Right now it is "winter" here and I am cold!!! For the past 2 months we have had rain and cold. This is the long rainy season and even though most of the rain has ceased, it is still cold. The temps get down at night in the high 40s and low 50s. And the daytime temps are in the 60s. One day this week it may have gotten up to 70. But when it is damp, it is cold. I am wearing socks, long pants, and two shirts everyday just to keep warm. In August the temps begin to climb and stay warm until next March. Remember, we don't have heat in our homes, nor are the houses insulated or sealed. We do have hot water, so fortunately I can take a hot bath at night to warm up. We drink lots of hot drinks and try to keep moving. With the colder temps also comes sickness.

The changing temperatures bring ear aches and colds in the children. We are dressing them warm, but we have had several trips to the doctor, even for us. Sinus infections, colds and runny noses are prevalent. But through it all, God is good and all of us are doing better.

The second floor on the administration building is finished. Yeah! We are looking forward to the next phase of construction.

We have a teacher coming in July to spend 6 weeks with us. She will be working with our teacher and doing some extra tutoring and so on with the kids. She was here last year and the kids all know her. It will be great to have some extra help. In August we have 2 volunteers coming (college-aged girls) for 10 months. This will be new for us but we are excited to have them come be a part of our team. Please continue to keep us in your prayers and we embrace all these new experiences! God
will lead us, we know, even though we know there will be many things to work out.

Thank you in advance for your prayers and support.