Tuesday, September 16, 2008

House 2 Officially Opens!

We recieved 10 new children in House 2 this past Monday and they are sure cute...among other things. We have been without e-mail for a week or so, but will try to get more photos of them posted very soon!

First thing we did when the children arrived was to cut hair and take baths!
The 'old kids' were outside pushing the 'new kids' on the swings so we ran out to take photos. This is Diana, being pushed by Yasini. Her little brother Deo is a thumb-sucker.

Group shot.

We went for a walk the first afternoon and paired each kid up with another from House 1 to show them the ropes; this is Eric trying to teach Kevin some of our favorite songs.

All 20 playing London Bridges- or something kind of like that.

The best part of the day was right before lights out; last time a mission team came from the States Mama Kim brought along cabbage patch kids for the girls and we passed them out to help ease the pain of having to sleep in those great big beds all alone. These were VERY happy little girls.
Diana- 5

Jessica - 5
Lait- 3

Meet the Mamas!

Mama Sarah is the mother for House 1. She has been here for about 4 months and is a fantastic mama. Her family comes from the Lake Victoria/Serengeti region of Tanzania and she has come to this side of the country looking for work. She reads Bible stories to the children almost every night, is a great cook, attends English classes every afternoon, and loves to eat cake.
The House 2 mother just arrived 3 days ago, meet Mama Joyce. We have known Joyce for several months because she has been working nearby at the Esther Daycare/Preschool center. She comes from the Lake Manyara region of Tanzania, speaks perfect English, and her father is an SDA pastor.

We are excited to have these two young ladies because they have enough energy for all of the hard work. We also think they are going to have a great time with Areil and Mariella.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


We would like to welcome two new volunteers from Andrews University! They arrived about 3 weeks ago and will be spending the next 10 months of their junior year here in Africa.
Ariel Ross (left) is from San Antonio Texas, she is studying Anthropology and International Development. We are going to take in 10 new children soon and Ariel is going to tackle the job of working in the second house to help train and teach the new, younger children.
Mariella Beazley (right) is from Vancouver Washington, she is an aeronautical engineer and airplane pilot! Mariella will continue to help out in the first house and will take over teaching and preparing those children for the first grade. We are happy to have them here! Another new addition: Please meet Loveness Tumaini. She is six years old and a real sweet heart. She fits in really well with the House #1 Gang and we are very happy to have her.
Dorcas and Karen: These girls are the old timers around here, but we thought they looked so great in their school uniforms that we wanted to share a snap shot. School started Sept. 8th and they were happy to go back and leave the home school 'baby class' behind.... well, at least Karen was happy to go back!

Abdul, Vicotria, and Vivi: Hey! What about us? Don't you want to take our photo too?!?