Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Meet the Mamas!

Mama Sarah is the mother for House 1. She has been here for about 4 months and is a fantastic mama. Her family comes from the Lake Victoria/Serengeti region of Tanzania and she has come to this side of the country looking for work. She reads Bible stories to the children almost every night, is a great cook, attends English classes every afternoon, and loves to eat cake.
The House 2 mother just arrived 3 days ago, meet Mama Joyce. We have known Joyce for several months because she has been working nearby at the Esther Daycare/Preschool center. She comes from the Lake Manyara region of Tanzania, speaks perfect English, and her father is an SDA pastor.

We are excited to have these two young ladies because they have enough energy for all of the hard work. We also think they are going to have a great time with Areil and Mariella.

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