Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Directors, first Blog

Hello here are the new Directors, Thomas and Evelyn from Austria and Germany. We are very happy that we are here with the kids. It’s really a wonderfull, nice and blessed place.

but we are realy sad about, that Ned and Emilys left us.. this is the last picture of them
“Don`t play with the water”….. a sentence which we often say to the kids!!..they love to play with water!

…So we had a small “water-battle”! It was so funny and all kids were very happy! Thomas, Evelyn, Ariel and Mariala were the chiefs!

Laughing children is a blessing!






Playing together with Ariel…

“Fun time”….. a wheelbarrow full of kids

Some impressions to be together with the kids…
Evelyn with kids in haus 2

Thomas and Vivi

Evelyn and Viki

Two little monkeys from havilah!

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