Saturday, March 21, 2009

What Has Been Done At Havilah

On the road with our new van. We already found three new drivers.

30min from Havilah is a small stream.
What can I say, the kids love to play with water.

Here we share food with our friends from “Peace Matunda” Orphanage in Tengeru.

We had a special evening. All kids slept in the activity room.

We visited the family of Erik. They wanted to give us a present, but they had nothing. So they gave us the only thing that they had, a chicken. I didn't want to take it but felt obliged. Now we have a new pet in Havilah. I am always impressed because of the hospitality from the people here in Tanzania.

We had a nice evening in the gazebo with a big campfire. We all love the fire :-)
We had some swimming activities. It was really fun for all the kids.

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