Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer Fun and Sad Goodbyes

Teacher Maureen & House 2 Teacher Maureen & House 1
Watching videos on the computer. Filling water balloons!
The whole group at the picnic.

Teacher Maureen is a volunteer that has been here with us for 5+ weeks. All of the kids have learned to read while she has been here. What a blessing to have her here helping the kids. She just loves reading and promotes it heavily so the kids have enjoyed reading and being read to while she has been here.

Yesterday we had a picnic in her honor. We played games all afternoon like duck, duck, goose, water balloon toss, relay races, and even some African games. We had a picnic supper at the pavilion with roasted hot dogs, baked beans, potato chips, potato salad and ice cream. So much fun was had by all.

Today Teacher Maureen left to go back to the United States. There were many tears and sad goodbye hugs. We will miss you Teacher Maureen but will hope and pray that you come back next year! Thank you for your time and love.

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