Sunday, August 3, 2008

Field Trip Anyone?

This is Dorcas…waiting by the front gate. The other day I came outside and found her dressed in her American pants (otherwise known as jeans) and school shoes; she was carrying in her bag a pair of pj’s, a toothbrush, and a hair brush (which is an essential item for a girl with a bald head).

“Dorcas, where are you going,” I asked.

“America. You are going to call Uncle (who is our cab driver), he is going to take me to town, and I am going to get on a big plane to go to America.”

I was pretty darn cute, but at the same time we felt for her because we know what it is like to really want to get up and go somewhere...anywhere;

So- we made a field trip to near by Lake Duluti!

Very First Boat Ride!

Dori, Erick, Victoria (Jackie & Enoch in back)

Karen, Ned, Yasini (Singing Row Row Row Your Boat)

View of Kilimanjaro from the water.

Abdul, Vero, Vivi

It was quite an ordeal to reach the lake, it involved two Dala Dala rides (the local bus) and a lot of walking. But it was well worth the trouble to see the children running toward the water screaming "ona, maji kubwa!" (Look at the big water!) The largest body of water they had seen was the mud puddle that formed in the road during the rainy season, which is not nearly as exciting... or clean.

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