Sunday, August 31, 2008

Photos From Other Outings

As we have said before, the children at Havilah love any chance they get to take an outing... especially if it involves getting in a car! This group photo is from Easter. We were invited to go into Arusha and have lunch at Mama Rhoda's house. She had a TV AND served the kids soda, so it was a real treat!

We also took a trip to the nearby Snake Farm. Yep- snakes!
This particular snake is harmless, but even so Karen was the only child brave enough to hold it.

Here are Yasini and Enoch watching an Egyptian Cobra dancing, just like in the cartoons.

The girls taking an afternoon walk. This is something we try to do every day. This photo is from Frazier's visit back in February. We took the kids (via mini van) to a wildlife sanctuary where zebra, ostrich, water buffalo, and exotic birds are grazing just 30-50 yards away.

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