Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ventures with car

Lake duluti

Some good friends from “Good Old Home Germany” and our STA-church in
Germany collected some money for our kids to do some trips with all children together…
So, we borrow a little bus from ADRA! …and our first journey was to the “Lake Duluti”.
All 20 children and 5 adults had space in this little bus !!!
Praise the Lord!

Ariel scared on board!...
mothers on board..
Evelyn on Board!... hanging the feet in the water together with little Enoch!

“Arusha National Park”
Our second trip was to the “Arusha National Park” …. Safari!
Last Sunday on 02.11.2008 we went with the kids from house 1, and next Sunday
on 09.11.2008 we will drive with the kids from house 2!

Sometimes Karen have driven the bus ;-)
Everybody wanted to sit in the front!
Sometimes tree kids sat down on Evelyn`s lap at the same time!
They saw a lot of animals like this giraffe…
Some monkeys, some zebras, some pigs, some buffalo and many many ants
Which all bit the kids
On a wonderful place on a hill we had a good picnic!
….”…mmmmhhh…WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD!!!!”

All together!!!!....
Lake Momela… in the Safari Park!
We had lot of fun together! Praise the Lord!!!
The children want to say “ASANTE SANA”
to all who helped to permitted them to do these trips!!!
More will follow!!!...

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